Is it possible to own an affordable farmhouse near Chennai?

Given the high property prices prevalent in Chennai compounded with the huge cost of city living, an affordable farmhouse near Chennai may sound like a preposterous idea. But an affordable farmhouse near Chennai can be made into a reality with some out of the box thinking and a professional team to guide you towards it.

Let us look at the basic components that comprise a modern, independent and affordable farmhouse near Chennai.

Space for trees, for a garden and a driveway. Space for cows, calves, goats & a dog. Space for a pond for the ducks and geese to loiter in and some more for hens, turkeys and guinea fowls & some space for us to reside in.

Btw, a farmhouse without cows, goats and poultry is a joke that many land promoters inflict on the gullible.

Farmhouse - paalaar urban

Let us see how much is needed for each of this modern farmhouse components.

1. A 60’ x 12’ long driveway lined on either side with coconut trees – 720 SFT.

2. Space to plant trees like Mango, Sappota, Guava, Lemon, Neem, Pungai, Magizham, tree jasmine etc, etc. – 6000 SFT.

3. A clear open to sky patch of land to grow vegetables, creepers, greens and spinaches – 600 SFT.

4. A small pond measuring 4’ x 6’ for the ducks and geese on the farm taking up about 200 SFT of land.

5. Space for a house for us to live in – 1000 SFT

6. Space for livestock like cows and goats – 1000 SFT, and

7. Space for a small 4’ x 6’ tank to have an outdoor bathing facility within the compound.

8. A 500 SFT space play area for children.

9. Another 500 SFT for storage of grains/fodder etc.,

child with cow

The total land requirement comes to just around 10,000 SFT. Actually no big deal. However affordability is not determined just by the land prices alone. Cost of buying the land is a one-time occurrence and that is the easier part. What is more crucial is the monthly recurring cost to develop the plot of land into a farmhouse of our dreams without it causing a huge hole into our savings. Further all the basic components that comprise a beautiful, modern and independent farmhouse that we have named above needs to be taken care of 365 days and that needs a cost too. If you could share the cost of upkeep of all of the above listed items, then the recurring cost can be largely brought to a minuscule figure and render owning a farmhouse near Chennai economically viable. If you could pull it off, go ahead. Else you can go with Paalaar Urban Farms, who can make you own an independent farmhouse by taking care of all of your farmhouse components for a nominal monthly fee thereby making an independent farmhouse affordable to the salaried/professionals/aspirational individuals.


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How does Paalaar Urban Farms do it?

We at Paalaar Urban farms have all the necessary farming equipment like tractors, power weeders, planters, seeders, sprayers, veterinary care equipment, farmhands, security personnel, veterinary staff, cowherds etc to manage a large farm. The same is made available to all our patrons under a pay and use system. You want to plough your land using either our tractor or power weeder, simply hire it on an hourly basis and till your land on your own. Else you can entrust the entire task of preparing your land for sowing to us for a fixed fee and get the job done when you run short of time or skill.

For as little as Rs 150/-, we will take care of your tree. Your goat may cost you Rs 300/- per month with us. For us to feed, maintain and provide veterinary care to your cow, just pay us Rs 3000/- per month. What is more, if you are willing to share the cost of logistics and delivery, we will also deliver the milk to your home at regular intervals. Of course, goes without saying that, “Conditions apply’. This will enable you to have only those components of a farmhouse that you require from time to time. If you are moving abroad for an extended period of time, you can sell off the cows, goats and other animals and simply adhere to maintenance of trees on your farmhouse. Amazing concept to make owning an affordable farmhouse near Chennai, isn’t it?

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Farmhouse - FAQs

Banks are highly reluctant to extend loans against agricultural property due to the politics of loan waiver. However, exceptions will be made if you are a blood relative of Vijay Mallya or Nirav Modi.

There are no rules prohibiting the construction of a house on Patta land and therefore you can construct a farmhouse on your farmland. However, the size of the house cannot exceed 10% of the land extent. For example, the house cannot be bigger than 1000 SFT if your plot size is 10,000 SFT.

No approvals are required from government authorities to carry out small scale farming. However, farming is a tough proposition and therefore we would suggest you to please get the approvals from your spouse and children.

IF your objective is only a farmhouse and not commercial farming: –

  • We will take care of your tree saplings (Irrigation, weed management and pest control for the first two years free of charge),
  • Provide you with farming equipment and farm labour on a ‘Pay and use’ system, and
  • Take care of your cows and goats if you are willing to pay for their maintenance.
    As for knowledge, you have Youtube

We will continue to maintain the trees upon the expiry of the free maintenance period but it will be on a chargeable basis. Currently we are charging Rs 150/- per month for high maintenance trees and Rs 75/- per month for low maintenance trees.

For tree saplings:

  • Irrigation – 52 times a year.
  • Weeding around the saplings – 12 times a year
  • Plot level weeding – 4 times a year.
  • Application of FYM to the roots – 6 times a year.
  • Applicaion of Bio-fertilizers to the canopy – 4 times a year.
  • Pruning – Once a year.
  • Pest management on a chargeable basis as and when required.


  • Feeding,
  • Housing, and
  • Normal veterinary care.

We would love you to do it and you can rely on our farming infrastructure for support.

Yes, interest free installment facility is available for most of our projects.

No. As a policy, we don’t offer referral commissions either by way of cash or through discounts. By referring friends and relatives you are actually getting the privilege of choosing your neighbours.

We have delivery vehicles that cover most of the localities of Chennai and we have different delivery mechanism systems to ensure that when you own farmland, you should also grow your own food.

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