Commercial Natural Farming

If you wish to get into commercial farming but don’t know where and how to start, check this out.

Start your dairy farm, goat farm, chicken farm, horticultural farm and agricultural farm close to Chennai.
1. We will provide you land.
2. We will provide you water.
3. We will provide you outer security.
4. We will provide you guidance.
5. We will provide you marketing facilities.

A total of about 50 Acres of land about 30 Kms from Chennai would be divided into five segments, the size of each would depend upon the needs of each farm and the concept of integrated farming.

1. A dairy farm with native breed cows.
2. A goat farm.
3. A chicken farm.
4. Agricultural farm.
5. Horticultural farm.

Broad terms and conditions.

  • The initial lease period would be 3 years and renewable.
  • The lease amount is Rs 30,000/- per acre per year.
  • The lease amount includes land and water for irrigation.
  • Entrepreneurs are free to sell their main produce to anybody of their choice. However the by-products like cow dung, goat pellets, hay, husk etc have to be sold/exchanged within the campus.
  • Entrepreneurs also have a choice of marketing and selling their products through Paalaar Urban Farms Pvt Ltd. In which case, Paalaar Urban Farms will deduct a percentage of the sales realisation towards marketing, logistics, transportation and delivery.
  • Guidance would be made available to carry out Organic farming. Milk packaging has to be in glass bottles.

For more details please go through the attached link which contains a video explanation and call us over phone. +91 8939773322.