A one-day workshop on micro scale organic farming for Chennai folks.

Life on a farm is a 12 hours interactive workshop session that covers a wide variety of topics that comprise organic farming. This workshop will provide an overview of what life on a farm/farmhouse entails for those who have plans to get into farming or are planning to spend their retirement life in a farmhouse.

Spend a day on our farm on the outskirts of Chennai to: –

  • Watch and listen to a few experts talk on the components of an integrated farm.
  • Acquaint yourself with basic safety and security protocols of rural outdoor activities.
  • Understand the role of livestock and biodiversity in natural farming and organic food.
  • Get hands-on experience in ploughing, tilling and field preparation using tractors and power tillers.

And of course, let your kids have some fun too on our biodiverse farm. Facilities available.

As regards social distancing due to Covid-19, the farm is spread over 40 acres and therefore social distancing is inherently built-in. Nevertheless, please do follow Covid protocols always.

Topics proposed to be covered:

* Farmyard manure management.

* Bio-fertilizers.

* Pest control.

* Soil health improvement.

* Weed management.

* Creepers farming.

* Farming equipment.

* Livestock management.

* Milk management.

* Poultry management.

* Snakes workshop.

Date and timing: Saturday, 23rd April. 7.00 AM to 7.00 PM.

Venue: Paalaar Valley, Near Mahindra World City.

Google coordinates: https://maps.app.goo.gl/e8iBUGk8SN6xxsqW8


* Adult – Rs 1000/-.

* Between 12 and 18 years of age – 750/-.

* Children below 12 years – Free.

GST will be extra.

Breakfast, Lunch and refreshments included in the price.

Limited seats. For more details, contact +91 8939773300.

We need to concede that farming is also the livelihood of a variety of visitors which are not cordially welcomed by most of us. But farming without these is what Gold is without a Goldsmith. The first step thus involves learning to work in harmony with them. A beautiful farm or a farmhouse will attract friends of the farm and most times they bring you gifts and also positivity into the farm. However, if some of your family members are going to shriek at the sight of some of these visitors or come face to face with a situation that they hadn’t foreseen and are unable to cope with it, their support to your farming endevour will evaporate. Therefore, it is imperative that we understand and appreciate the role these fellow travelers play and learn to coexist with all the members of a farm.

Speaking of a personal experience, a few encounters with snakes on my farm almost destroyed my desire for a farmhouse. I had to either overcome my phobia or give up my dream of retiring to a farmhouse. I attended a 2-day workshop on snakes ( https://www.bayoflife.com/storm-chennai/ ) to see whether it would help me and it did. Today, I enjoy looking at the snakes on my farm and I’m appreciative of their contribution in keeping rodents under control and saving my crops and food grains.

Livestock on your farm is a prey animal and will attract predators. Birds, bees, wasps, insects, flies, frogs, toads, snakes, centipedes, scorpions, leeches, wild boars and a lot of other predatory animals will often visit your farm and start sharing your territory. If you look beyond the borders of any farm, you will also find farms are invariably surrounded by wells, ponds, lakes, streams, pasture lands, fields, forests, hills and a whole lot of flora and fauna. With a little bit of knowledge about the behaviour of your livestock and these external forces, you will be able to protect your crops, livestock, your family members and also handle unforeseen situations that may arise on your farm from time to time all the while without harming the visitors even while reaping the benefits that these visitors accord your farm.

Arm yourself with knowledge of farms and farming B4 U Farm through an enjoyable and well spent weekend.