Pre-owned farmhouse plots:

People buy farmhouse plots to develop them into a farmhouse of their choice but sometimes providence intervene in the form of relocation to another country or unexpected financial emergencies and the original owners may have to alter their farmhouse plans.

As and when such instances occur and the owners want to sell their partially developed farmhouse plots in our projects, we at Paalaar Urban Farms provide all necessary assistance to our customers to find a new owner for their investment. We do this by posting about such offers on our website along with the contact details of the sellers. If the original owners require our help during an onsite inspection from prospective buyers, the same is provided too.

Paalaar Urban Farms neither involve themselves in negotiations nor do we charge any brokerage, commission, or service charges from the transaction. This service is being provided because of the special relationship that we at Paalaar Urban Farms have with their clients/customers. Our farming/farmhouse-related services made available to the original owners get passed on to the new owners too and the new owners can be assured of the continuation of all our services as was provided to our customers

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