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Assisted Terrace Gardening

Grow your food on your terrace and count on Paalaar Urban farms to help you get into home gardening with minimal investment and complete support. Interested? Read on….

Many people have found it easy to get into terrace gardening but quite difficult to sustain. We can either discuss why home gardening leads to disappointment or how it can be made into a successful foray. To make home gardening successful, one should ensure that the output offers variety, quantity, and quality. The targeted objective of home gardening should be to produce at least 15 items comprising vegetables, gourds, greens, spinaches, etc., and in quantities sufficient enough to feed at least two five-member families daily.

To get the above result, one should first recognize that a plant in a pot has to survive, flourish and produce while being confined to a small and limited boundary. Unlike farming on the earth’s surface, terrace gardening plants don’t have access to stored water and nature-generated minerals and nutrients present in the soil. Therefore, terrace gardening compulsorily requires the following: –

  1. Sustained and consistent efforts almost on a daily basis.
  2. Regular and continuous delivery of nutrients to the plants.
  3. A good pollination and pest management system.

To make your terrace gardening/home gardening initiative fail-proof, please ensure that: –

  1. You have someone to fill in for you when you are unable to find the time to attend to your plants.
  2. That someone filling in for you is reliable and knowledgeable.
  3. You have a reliable source for good quality biofertilizers and pesticides at an affordable price.
  4. People knowledgeable about seasons, pest control, and pollination are available on call.

Just bear in mind that home gardening will fail if you don’t contribute adequate time for soil preparation, nursery management, irrigation, nutrient delivery systems, pruning, and pest control.


To help Chennai residents overcome the challenges of Terrace gardening, Paalaar Urban Farms has started the ‘Assisted Terrace Gardening’ initiative. Under this initiative, Paalaar Urban Farms will: –

  • Offer a major portion of the equipment needed for home gardening on monthly rental.
  • Door deliver organic fertilizers, nutrients, and pesticides whenever required.
  • Offer training, guidance, and assistance to those desirous of growing their food in front of their eye.

Our home gardening system comprises of: –

  • Good quality, breathable Non-woven fabric grow bags in an assortment of sizes and shapes.
  • An easy-to-assemble trellis frame to help you grow Bottle Gourd, Ridge Gourd, Snake Gourd, Little Gourd, Bitter Gourd, and other climber and creeper varieties.
  • Home gardening tools and inputs like sprayers, shovels, pruners, garden forks, etc.
  • Organic fertilizers, growth promoters, and pesticides like Jeevamrutham, Panchagavya, Meenamalam, 3G Karisal, Poochiviratti, 5Leaves Karisal, etc.
  • Collapsible and easy to assemble and dismantle Chicken Coops.
  • Training and handholding.

Terrace gardening requires considerable investment in basic infrastructure. If it fails, the investment goes in vain. Why take the risk of spending money on buying the equipment when you can take it on a small monthly rental basis from Paalaar Urban Farms under the ‘Assisted Terrace Gardening’ initiative? Grow your food on your terrace and count on Paalaar Urban farms to help you get into home gardening with minimal investment and complete support

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