We at Paalaar Urban Farms, (formerly Chennai Urban Farms) attach a lot of importance to livestock as a fundamental and inseparable component in organic farming. The fact is, there can be no organic food without integrated farming and there can be no integrated farm without livestock and poultry in it.

It is a tough challenge to have all types of livestock and poultry on the farm since different types of animals and birds require different kind of caretaking. Every livestock types like cows, buffaloes, calves, goats, sheep, hens, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowls, honeybees etc need to be fed and cared for. Housing, grazing, feeding, milking, husbandry and veterinary care is absolutely essential for the maintenance of a productive farm. Paalaar Urban Farms never hesitate to meet challenges head on in its pursuit of genuinely organic, safe and healthy food for those who have placed trust in it.


Each and every morning, we clear the sheds of overnight accumulated cow dung and goat pellets and wash the floor. Nothing goes waste in organic farming. We collect the waste from the cow and goat sheds and use it as manure and fertilizers for the crops. This is followed by feeding the calves, milking the cows and taking them out for grazing twice daily. Apart from grazing, Cows have to be fed dry hay, husk, oil cakes and other cereal based dry fodder. Goats and sheep require a slightly different kind of caretaking. They just need to be taken out for grazing. Sometimes climatic conditions like heavy rains don’t allow us to take out the animals for grazing. Sometimes, during summer there just isn’t sufficient grass, weeds, leaves and fodder for the animals to graze on. We at Paalaar Urban Farms make adequate land and space provisions to grow fodder inhouse to meet such exigencies.

Animal husbandry and veterinary care is another area that needs focus for an organic farm to sustain itself. Deworming at regular intervals and vaccination of the livestock as and when required is absolutely essential for the well-being of the animal. Constant health monitoring of the livestock, especially during pregnancy is part of a good livestock management system. A dedicated team is earmarked to remain focused on each category of animals. Animal husbandry is a cumbersome task when you opt for artificial insemination. Therefore, we keep one bull in the farm to provide mating services to the cows in heat the natural way. By having a bull in the farm, we don’t have to resort to artificial insemination for reproduction. Paalaar Urban Farms prefer low tech and natural flow when it comes to farming.