Timing is half the battle won in organic farming. Precise climatic conditions are essential to execute specific agricultural activities like ploughing, seeding, planting, weeding, harvesting and threshing. Demand for agricultural equipment on lease is highest when the need is the most. Without a captive and dedicated agricultural machinery, irrigation implements and dairy equipment on the farm, there is no way farming can succeed. We have seen many a farmer suffer failure and losses due to the unavailability of requisite equipment. Remaining at the mercy of weather gods is inevitable but we at Paalaar Urban Farms don’t believe in remaining on the mercy of agricultural machinery contractors as well. Therefore, Paalaar Urban Farms invest considerable amount of resources to have agricultural implements like tractors, trailers, planters, seeders, power weeders, manual weeders etc inhouse for the dedicated and exclusive use of our customers.

If timing is half the battle won, the other half of the battle lies in the judicious use of water. Originally water conservation systems like the drip irrigation methodology were developed to reduce water wastage in irrigation. Today, it is more about judicious usage of a precious commodity. Different crops have different needs – some crops need water to the roots and some to the leaves in addition to roots. Paalaar Urban Farms keep irrigation implements like rain guns, sprinklers, drippers, mist sprayers etc inhouse and install an underground plumbing system that is compatible with the irrigation implements.

An integrated farm requires livestock, particularly cows and goats to generate manure and fertilizers. Apart from offering dung and urine which form important ingredients in the manufacture of organic manure, cows also offer milk. Milk is one farm product which can make the most seasoned professional milk manager look like a nincompoop. The challenges in delivering pure and preservative free milk to our customers are many. The challenges are further compounded by the fact that we deliver milk in reusable glass bottles and not in plastic packets. Bottle sterilization, milk pasteurization, refrigeration during storage and transportation require investments in dairy equipment. Paalaar Urban Farms keep inhouse all the necessary dairy and cold storage equipment so as to enable our customers to take part in professional organic farming.

Milk production varies as the cow’s ability to yield milk decreases as the calves grow and the next pregnancy commences. However, the consumption in a family is constant and therefore surplus milk needs to be converted into butter and ghee (Clarified butter). Paalaar Urban Farms also install a biogas plant and use the energy to convert the milk into butter and ghee. Trust Paalaar Urban Farms to provide you with all necessary machines to help you do farming the successful way.