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Paalaar Valley

Chennai’s Best Location For a Farmhouse Cum Residence – A Mini Kodaikanal In Chennai.

Paalaar Valley – A residence cum farmhouse project very close to Chennai.

Shift your residence to Paalaar Valley, the most serene, idyllic, and picturesque location near Chennai, and enjoy the benefits of a countryside lifestyle. 

Some builders make you think that a detached apartment-style house on a small plot of land is a villa while the rest of the world regards a villa as a country house on a large plot of land and consisting of stables & barns, pools & ponds, courtyards & lawns and gardens & trees.

Paalaar Valley offers you the most serene, idyllic, and picturesque setting close to Chennai for you to fulfill your dream of designing and owning a villa in the truest sense. Yes, we let you design your own Villa according to your taste, budget, and at a time of your choosing.

Some salient features of Paalaar Valley:
• A small and private gated community spread over 35 acres naturally bounded on 3 sides by picturesque lush green hills.
• A lake inside the gated community in which owners can go fishing and boating using their own Kayaks.
• Horse riding and Archery facilities with trainers available within the compound.
• Feed visiting peacocks and other birds.
40 & 30 Feet wide roads.
• Individual fencing, drip irrigation, tree saplings, and trees.
• 2 years free maintenance of trees, cows, and goats.
• Shared cow sheds, goat sheds, and horse stables
• Shared farming equipment like tractors, power weeders, and drone sprayers.
• Labour quarters for the community’s farm labour.
• Delivery of the produce from the farm to your doorstep thrice a week through collective farming if you live in Chennai.
• Plot sizes as per your individual choice. The minimum size is 10,000 SFT.
Interest-free EMI Facility in case of immediate budgetary constraints.

The price per SFT is Rs 500/-.

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Location details: Location details: About 25 Kilometers from Vandalur Zoo, opposite to Mahindra World City, and 3 Kilometers off GST Road.

Go ahead, shift your residence to your farm villa and let out your current city apartment on rental. Many people have started realizing that living in a large and spacious farmhouse is a more attractive and healthier proposition when their weekdays are going to be spent working from home and their children will be going to school/college only once a week. Even after the Covid pandemic has blown over, this reality is here to stay. Tomorrow may be too late, so set the ball rolling today and lay your hands on the most beautiful natural landscape nearest to Chennai.

For more details please go through the attached link which contains a video explanation and call us over the phone. +91 8939773322.

A 12 year old girl has shared her experience of visiting Paalaar Valley through a very small and beautiful video. Let your kids also have a beautiful experience.

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