Owning a farmhouse made affordable.

The sedentary lifestyle of our generation is denying our children a good immunity is an undeniable fact. The urban lifestyle compels us to feed our own children chemicals loaded and pesticides coated food even while depriving them an environment to play in the soil, earth, and mud. As a counter to this, the super-rich apartment-dwelling city folks acquired farmhouses and started to spend their weekends and holidays there.

With Information Technology taking immense strides, offices are being rendered redundant. More and more people are working from home. It is only a matter of time before schools too become redundant. Homeschooling is catching up fast. Better academic knowledge is being made available at home from the best teachers worldwide via Information Technology and its gadgets than in classrooms. In a few more years, those who can afford it will spend their weekdays in their farmhouses and visit their city apartment as and when required.

Acquiring a farmhouse of their own is a dream for many of us, especially for those with a rural background. The challenges faced by the middle class to acquire a farmhouse are many. Travel time of more than 2 hours from their current residence to a farmhouse defeats the purpose. Acquiring land close to the city is prohibitively expensive. Affordable land is either inaccessible by road, or too isolated or too far away from the city.

To plant, nurture and grow fruit-bearing trees, mandatory for a farmhouse, through remote administration is an insurmountable challenge that many have tried to overcome and failed.

Paalaar Urban Farms Pvt Ltd, previously known as Chennai Urban Farms tries to bridge these challenges and make farmhouses and their management affordable to the middle class.

In the last two years, Chennai Urban Farms has successfully created the platform for about 80 people to acquire land for a farmhouse in different projects, namely, Indhaloor Gardens near Melmaruvathur, Sholing Greens near Sholingar, Paalaar Greens, Kavi Paalaar, Paalaar Farms & Paalaar Gardens near Chenglepet and Ammu Farms near Tindivanam.

What we do is, evaluate a large parcel of land on certain parameters like soil fertility, water availability, clear title documents, road and electricity access, habitability and safety. After satisfying ourselves, we secure the entire property from grazing animals through fencing, install a common water source, obtain an electricity connection, install a drip irrigation system, engage security personnel /gardeners, dig up 3’X3’X3’ pits, fill it up with a mixture of farm manure and sand and plant tree saplings. We procure the technology and necessary farming equipment to take care of weed management and pest control.

The end result of our endeavor is that: –

  1. People who wish to own a farmhouse end up owning a farmhouse.
  2. People who wish to do farming end up doing farming on their own land during their free time.
  3. People who wish to eat safe and healthy food end up growing their own food.