Farming in India is a labour intensive activity. Organic farming requires more limbs than inorganic and industrial type farming. Since our focus is on organic farming, Paalaar Urban Farms will have a separate and dedicated team to manage each type of livestock, dairy and agriculture. Integrated farm can’t have a holiday and therefore some of the members in each team will be on the farm 24X7.  

In spite of advancements in agricultural, dairy and poultry machinery, farming in India still remains a labour intensive activity. All farming components like fields, crops, trees, cows, goats, sheep, hens, tractors, seeders, weeders require a dedicated team of people to carry out farming successfully. Therefore a strong and cohesive team is absolutely essential to make farming a success. Prior to the green revolution and the advent of nuclear families, farming was a collective effort. Each and every member within a family played a role in taking care of the fields and livestock. Generally men used to take care of the fields involving tilling and weeding and women will manage the dairy and poultry in a family. In most villages, there will be one family whose job it is to exclusively graze the cows, buffaloes, goats and sheep of all the households in a village.  This collective effort kept the family and village healthy and rendered farming viable too.

Tilling land using a tractor requires skill which is different from milking a cow. Cows, goats and sheep each require separate labour for grazing. Sheep seek and graze on grass whereas goats prefer plants, shrubs and tree leaves. So the goat herd will move in a direction different from the sheep herd causing difficulties to the herders. Timing is half the battle won in agriculture. Certain agricultural activities like harrowing, ploughing, seeding, planting, weeding, harvesting and threshing have to be carried out during precise climatic conditions. If a particular crop fails due to wrong timing, all interconnected items in the matrix fail too. For instance, if the paddy crop fails, it will deprive you of rice, it will deprive your cows of hay and husk and it will deprive your poultry of chaff and grain. “Without an inhouse and dedicated team to carry out farm tasks, don’t even think of getting into farming” is one lesson that every farmer who depends on daily wages farmhands will tell you.

Paalaar Urban Farms boasts of a strong team of workers, supervisors, and manager to oversee the operations at our farm. Livestock don’t take holidays and therefore it is of utmost importance that there are always key livestock personnel available on the farm 24X7