10 years from now, which type of house would you prefer to live in?

    A.  A 1000 SFT Flat in an apartment complex.
    B.  A 1200 SFT row house on an 1800 SFT plot branded as a Villa by many realtors.
    C.  A 1000 SFT small farmhouse built on a 10,000 SFT plot and consisting of cows, goats, hens, ducks, ponds and a small farm to grow your own food.

If your choice is C, then we might have just what you want. You can choose from a host of options: –


Farmhouse plot for as low as Rs 60/- per SFT

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A high-end Villa property just on the outskirts of Chennai

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Better than apartments

Plots near Chengalpattu – live between village & city

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farmhouse near chennai - country club

A spot off the scenic East Coast Road for your farmhouse

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And we don’t just stop at providing you land. We develop and maintain your farms and farmhouses. Of course, you can own cows and goats too and we maintain and manage your pets too on the farm.

Diary farming

Count on Paalaar Urban Farms to provide people who wish to own a farmhouse or planning to get into farming – all of the above and a little more.