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Farmhouse in Kodaikanal

Paalaar Heights

Farmhouse kodaikanal

Farmhouse plot in Kodaikanal. Paalaar Heights – set up in a breathtakingly beautiful spot in Kodaikanal, available at an astonishingly affordable price with interest-free EMI options.

Paalaar Heights offers a chance to transform your desire to own a guest house in Kodaikanal into a tangible reality. Nestled approximately 13 kilometers from Kodaikanal’s lake, this remarkable property presents a captivating panorama of the majestic mountains.

By acquiring a piece of the hill at Paalaar Heights, you gain not only a tranquil retreat to enjoy with your loved ones but also the potential to generate income. Utilizing a revenue-sharing arrangement with Paalaar Urban Farms, you can make the most of the property’s capacity to generate revenue when you are not personally using it. This transforms your guest house into a valuable asset, serving both as a private getaway and an opportunity for financial returns.


  • Spacious Plots: Each plot exceeds 20,000 square feet, providing ample space for your vision.
  • Scenic Plots: Paalaar Heights is situated in Vilpatti Panchayat, offering captivating views of the Paalaar dam in Palani.
  • Affordable Price with EMI Option: Benefit from the attractive combination of a low price and the convenience of an EMI facility.
  • Ideal for Guesthouse Development: The location is perfect for constructing a guesthouse, allowing you to generate rental revenue effortlessly.


  • Protective Fencing: Each individual farm plot is surrounded by protective fencing, ensuring privacy and security.
  • Tree Saplings: Each plot will have forty Plums, twenty Pears, 10 Avocados and ten timber tree saplings.
  • Complimentary Maintenance of Tree Saplings: The project offers five years of complimentary maintenance for the tree saplings, ensuring their healthy growth.
  • Contractual Maintenance: Beyond the complimentary period, there are options for contractual maintenance of the tree saplings.
  • Interest-free EMI Payment Options: Paalaar Urban farms provides interest-free EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) payment options, making it easier for buyers to invest in their farmhouse.


Exactly 13 Kms from Kodaikanal lake. Falls under the jurisdiction of Vilpatty Panchayat. Please check out the map coordinates and the satellite image.

This video has been shot on Paalaar heights


Rs 190/- per SFT. 

Pay Rs 100/- per SFT during registration.

Pay EMI of Rs 3/- per SFT per month for 30 months.

Minimum plot size: 20,000 SFT.

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