Step into the world of Organic food & affordable farmhouses

Get a plot, get a cow, get a few goats and join the party. We will take care of your plot, your cows, your goats, your trees, and your crops.

During weekends and holidays, join in with your family and friends in ploughing, sowing, cultivating, weeding & harvesting your land or feeding, grazing, and milking your cows and goats.

Thrice weekly collect at your doorstep pure and unadulterated milk and ghee offered by your cows and rice, edible oils, vegetables, greens and fruits grown organically on your land.

Development and Maintenance

A farmhouse is a joke if there are no trees in and around it. Nurturing a tree sapling from its infancy till it reaches the fruiting stage isn’t a joke either. Many have attempted to grow trees and crops through remote management and failed. Paalaar Urban Farms will never allow you to fail. You decide what type of trees are required and where they are to be placed on your plot of land and leave the rest to us.

Organic farming through biodiversity

With livestock on the farm, organic farming, weed management and pest control becomes Possible and viable. Every requirement of the farm will be generated in-house through biodiversity, interdependent culture and collective farming.

Layout, Crop Protection, and Irrigation systems

Access to every farm plot is provided through a 30 Feet wide common pathway. Every plot will be installed with a 5 feet tall diamond link fencing to protect the crops and tree saplings from grazing animals. Depending on the requirement, each plot will also be installed with water conservation systems like drip irrigation instruments, sprinklers, and rain guns. Water will be fed from a common and collective water source like a well or borewell.

Farming Equipment and Expertise

Farming equipment like Tractors, Power weeders, Cono weeders, Seeders, Sprayers, Rain guns, Sprinklers, Mist sprayers etc and experts in farming and livestock management will be available to offer assistance to the owners as and when required.

Livestock Management

There can be no organic farming without livestock on your farm. Go ahead, own a cow, get a few goats and hens and watch the magic of multiplication. Of course, livestock involves a lot of care like grazing, feeding, cleaning, milking, veterinary care, husbandry etc etc. Just relax. Paalaar Urban Farms team will take care of your livestock with the assistance of veterinary experts. You can also feed and graze your cows and goats during weekends and holidays.

Affordable EMI Facility

Pay a part amount as down payment and get the property registered in your name. Pay the balance in Equated Monthly Installments.

Three months salary got me a farmhouse


Livestock like cows, calves, goats, sheep, hens, ducks, honeybees etc need to be fed and cared for. Housing, grazing




Timing is half the battle won in organic farming. An Integrated farm has to have dedicated and captive




Farming in India is a labor-intensive activity. Organic farming requires more limbs than inorganic and industrial type



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is the project DTCP/CMDA approved? If it is not, will I be permitted to construct a house on it?
I live in Chennai and have no clue about farming. What kind of assistance will I get?
Will I get a bank loan to buy this property?
Since banks don’t offer loans, will it be possible to buy the property in installments?
Will I be able to get a plot size smaller than 10,000 SFT?
Will each plot have an individual and exclusive water source like a farm well or borewell?
Can I plant more trees and grow vegetables and crops on my plot?
Can I have cattle and other livestock in our farm?
What happens after the expiry of the two years maintenance period? How am I to maintain the trees all by myself?
Will there be discount if I buy more than one plot?
Will I get a commission or discount if I refer my relatives and friends?
Can I make a smaller down payment and carry out the registration of sale deed upon payment of the last EMI?
Should have asked this most important question earlier. I live more than 50 Kms away from the farm, how am I to bring the fresh food from my farm to my residence on a regular and continuous basis?

In the last four years, Chennai Urban Farms has successfully created the platform for about 80 people to acquire land for a farmhouse on the outskirts of Chennai. Meet some of them here.

Let us bring back a green Earth!

Client’s words

Paalaar Urban Farms

In the last four years, Chennai Urban Farms has successfully created the platform for about 80 people to acquire land for a farmhouse on the outskirts of Chennai.


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Phone: +91 8939 773322

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