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Farming is soil, seeds, water and labour.
Successful farming is suitable soil, adequate water, irrigation systems, farming equipment, reliable labour, storage infrastructure and transportation logistics.

Count on Paalaar Urban Farms to provide people who wish to own a farmhouse or planning to get into farming – all of the above and a little more.


Affordable Farmhouse

Given the high property prices prevalent in Chennai compounded with the huge cost of city living, an affordable farmhouse near Chennai may sound like a preposterous idea. But an affordable farmhouse near Chennai can be made into a reality with some out of the box thinking ……


Organic Foods

Three fundamental truths about organic food. Organic food grown on our own farm is the safest food in the world. You can’t succeed in natural farming without cows, goats and poultry on the farm premises. Organic farming is tough and expensive in the beginning. The secret behind…..

Commercial farming

A new-comer to farming can commercially succeed only if he/she were to focus on the market rather than just on the farm. On the one hand, many YouTube channels paint organic farming as a very rosy, charming and lucrative proposition whereas the reality is the exact ……

Three months salary got me a farmhouse

Clients words

Jyotirmaya Patro
Jyotirmaya Patro
You must tired by the city noise, crowd, pollution and concrete structures around you. You must be looking for some open air to breath, near by a mountain. Paalaar urban farm is place near Chennai is the place for you. You will be amazed with greenery, with the noise of Cuckoos, Parrots, pigeon and emerald dove. This is one of a kind of hill station society. You can do horse ride, play with Hen, Chicks, Ducks, Manila ducks, cattle, goats and cows. I personally loved swimming in the lake and kayak ride around lake. The butter milk and milk products were organic and so tasty. Their staffs were so collaborating and helpful to provide the end-to-end needs during my time spent at Paalaar farms. Dont worry about networks, my mobile signals and internet were working perfectly. Even swiggy guy came there to deliver our foods. I enjoyed it. I hope you will be enjoying there too. Come here, have a fun filled time and spend your all the time with nature with a relaxed open air. I took 100s of photos with breathtaking mountain and blue skyline views. Paalaar for your tranquillity, take your breathe!
sree ranjani
sree ranjani
Our search for the quintessential farmland came to a happy end when we set our eyes on Paalaar urban farm at pulipakkam near Chengalpet. The scenic beauty of the farm is awesome. It is surrounded by hills, forest and 2 lakes. Peacocks roaming in the grassland, the coconut grove, cattle happily grazing, duck's waddling........ is a very pleasant sight indeed. Mr. Atther Ahmed the Managing director, is very professional in his approach to the project. The planning and development is being done with a vision. Mr.Asrar and the entire team is very cordial. Their concept of urban farming is unique.The after sales service is also good. Overall a nice place for a cozy farmhouse, close to Chennai city.
Madhu Mathi
Madhu Mathi
These people are very good at what they promise and they deliver what they promise. Trustworthy is the right word to describe Paalar Urban Farms.
Nazar ahamed
Nazar ahamed
Here is an overview of my experience and feedback of their service after ( 3 months ) post purchasing a piece of land in their Cheyyur layout With respect to Urban Farms and Mr.Akthar : I have been following their videos for quite a period of time and had always been hesitant of making the first move. When I came to know a out their Cheyyur layout i have reached out to them and met Mr.Akthar in person. He was patient enough to wait for 2 hours to welcome us and gave clear explanation of the layout and wealth of the solid , he also helped us to choose a better plot. In current market no where a properitor would have been so patient and humble to receive the customers. Not only Mr.Akthar, his entire organization has been very approachable ( even after purchasing) , responsive particularly Mr.John (who takes care of the trees and (Sreelekha) Urban Farms is one of the firm which prioritises the relationship with customers than money. With respect to property : Cheyyur is becoming the go to destination with so many farm lands being available. But this Property gives you an added advantage of proximity to the road, and soil wealth. Hence it helped me to finalize the selection. With so many wells and with new one under construction drip irrigation is promising and looking forward for same. With respect to documents and Buying experience: Their documents have been clean, and they guide you through the process They help in selecting the trees, thanks to Mr. John for creating the layout diagrams and taking videos of the trees and sharing with us. They also provide various other services with respect to construction , cattle etc. With respect to service : The team is responsive to act upon our various requests with respect to construction of walls , replanting the trees , and maintenance of land. Areas could help them to excel better. Bringing in more man power to expedite things Thanks Urban Farms, Mr. Akhtar, Mr. Asrar and Mr. John for t.lhe pleasant experience and the warmth of a family!! Regards Nazar
Dhamini Baskar
Dhamini Baskar
Your search for an affordable farm house will come to an end at Palaar urban farms. It has its own uniqueness in serenity and ecosystem. Their new concept of farming offers us a good experience in farming and animal husbandry which we in the city never experienced. We can setup our own farming and farmhouse there. They also offer services to maintain farmlands and animal husbandry. Palaar urban farms located near at pullipakkam(very close to Chennai that we can visit every weekend) has a lake nearby, covered by mountains, well, pumpset, etc,. We felt like hill station when we visited in December. They have Ducks, good cow breeds, hen, etc. Not just an good investment, it is a life time experience setting up our own farming / farmhouse at Palaar Urban farms
Pradeep Saba
Pradeep Saba
Am excellent serenic beauty surronded by hills and forest on two side and two lakes on other sides near mahindra city.. one lake is inside the farm layout makes this place very special... the brimming lake with fresh water and forest make this place a hub for birds ..We could see peacocks roaming all the time and lot and lots of water birds...Combined with garden, cattles,horse and birds maintained by the farm makes this place a natural haven.. The farm layout is well planned with a vision.. Had a wonderful time with my family and kids on kayaking,horse riding,bathing in pumpset etc..


Soil, animal waste and crop residue beautifully mesh together to produce the microorganisms that enhance the soil health organically and considerably.





Timing is half the battle won in organic farming. An Integrated farm has to have dedicated and captive





Farming in India is a labor-intensive activity. Organic farming requires more limbs than inorganic and industrial type



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