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Successful farming requires land, water, irrigation systems, farming equipment, labour, storage infrastructure and transportation logistics. Count on Paalaar Urban Farms to provide new comers to farming – all of the above and a little more.



Many people dream of owning a farmhouse, either to spend their weekends or as a retirement home – and they buy farmland.

Even after buying a farmland, people still obtain their day-to-day food requirements like dairy products, poultry products, greens, vegetables, fruits, cereals, pulses, edible oils, etc. from the market when the same can be obtained from their own farm.

When you choose Paalaar Urban Farms, we will not only get you a plot of land for a farmhouse, we will also take care of your cows, goats & hens. And we will also deliver organic food grown on our farms through collective farming right to your doorstep thrice a week.


Organic Foods

A poor and unhealthy soil can’t produce healthy food.

Soil enrichment requires a good biodiversity on a farm. With biodiversity comprising of cattle, poultry, agriculture & horticulture being part of our farming operations, it is a natural outcome of our integrated farming systems.

We produce organic food primarily for the owners, under the supervision of the owners & sell only the surplus. Since the food is produced for self-consumption, the greed component or the temptation to compromise with food safety is completely eliminated.

Paalaar Urban Farms have a zero-tolerance for chemical-based fertilizers, pesticides & preservatives in our operations.

Commercial farming

A new-comer to farming can commercially succeed only if he/she were to focus on the market rather than just on the farm.

A good price for the produce can be obtained only by delivering the farm produce directly to end consumers and thereby increase profitability and sustainability of a commercial venture.

Through a collaboration with us, new comers to organic farming will get access to water, irrigation systems, agricultural machinery and storage facility on the operations side thereby bringing down the initial investment substantially for a startup. By offering to deliver the farm produce directly to consumers, We will help startups get the best price for their farm produce.

Clients words

Three months salary got me a farmhouse



Soil, animal waste and crop residue beautifully mesh together to produce the microorganisms that enhance the soil health organically and considerably.





Timing is half the battle won in organic farming. An Integrated farm has to have dedicated and captive





Farming in India is a labor-intensive activity. Organic farming requires more limbs than inorganic and industrial type



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Since 2015, Paalaar Urban Farms has helped hundreds of people fulfill their dreams of getting into organic farming, owning a farmhouse & getting their organic food from their farms.

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