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Farmhouses appreciate better than apartments

Posted by admin on June 7, 2023

Why I love my farmhouse.

With each passing year, my farmhouse looks more beautiful than the previous year.
With each passing year, the apartment complex where I live looks more disheveled and unkempt than the previous year. I am sure most of you who live in apartment complexes will agree with me on the second statement of mine.

When we moved into the brand-new apartment complex, the swimming pool was clean and glistening, the landscaped garden was inviting, the mini theatre was a good place to pass time and the Gym was helpful. After about 7 years, it pains me to look at the facilities and I see no point in cribbing about it. The pain is largely alleviated whenever I visit my farmhouse, which I must say, I am doing quite often nowadays, especially after the onset of the Covid pandemic.

Way back in 2013, the farmhouse was just a piece of land with a few tree saplings planted here and there. Nurturing them was quite challenging given that I lived a 100 Kms away and I was vehement on following organic farming practices. Nevertheless, I persisted and today, in the year 2021, the tree saplings that were the size of rose plants way back in 2013 are fully grown and still growing with their canopies spreading wider with every passing year.

What is a farmhouse without animals on it!

To add character to my farmhouse, I bought a cow named Shenbagam with a lovely female calf in 2016. Today Shenbagam is a granny and yet every 15 to 18 months, continues to add more progeny to our beautiful farmhouse. Friends and relatives who visit and stay on our farmhouse invariably gift us pets like goat kids, ducks, turkeys, geese etc to make our lovely farmhouse more attractive. Turkeys, ducks and geese got added to my farmhouse in due course and the numbers keep growing with their offspring forcing me at times to either sell or gift the additions.

The beauty of being the proud owner of a farmhouse is that my family celebrate the festival of Bakrid in our farmhouse whereas the festival of Ramzan is celebrated in Chennai. I love to see fireworks during the festival of Deepavali and here my Chennai residence scores over my farmhouse. However, since the last few years, my family invariably head to our farmhouse during Pongal to place our respects to the animals on our farm for not only giving us a host of goodies by way of milk and eggs but also offering their bountiful farmyard manure to the trees and gardens thereby making our farmhouse our own little paradise on earth.

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Not everything on our farmhouse is hunky dory. There is a flip side to owning a farmhouse comprising of ducks and geese. I have provided a beautiful little pond and a garden to the ducks and geese on our farmhouse to waddle in, yet they love to make my swimming pool messy and my kitchen garden a wreck whenever they get an opportunity to do so. However, these are minor costs to pay when my family, friends and relatives come together on our farmhouse, not to swim in the pool, but to bath in the pumpset, sleep on the cot below the trees, play in the mud and rope swing from the trees.

No way I could have been able to accommodate or host so many of friends and relatives in my 1200 SFT flat. These people plus Shenbagam, the cow and the naughty ducks and geese, not to mention the goats, sheep and lambs make my farmhouse the best thing that happened to us. Nothing diminishes on a farmhouse. Trees grow taller and their canopies spread wider with each passing year. Cows, goats, sheep, chicken, ducks, geese, turkeys and rabbits keep getting their numbers added up to the previous year. Surprisingly, our farmhouse has made even our friends circle much wider than it was in 2013. Looks like there is a relationship between our tree’s canopy and our friends circle when you own a farmhouse. – Nudrath Tarannum

About the author: Mrs. Nudrath Tarannum is a resident of Chennai and owns a farmhouse in Melmaruvathur. This video was shot on her farmhouse.

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