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Residents of Chennai can own a cow and get its milk delivered to their homes for free.

Get a cow and leave it on our farm and collect milk at your doorstep 365 days for free. Your cow – Our farm is a unique platform for people of Chennai to get pure and unadulterated milk from their own cow delivered to their home free of cost under a milk sharing arrangement.

Why should I own a cow when I can simply buy my dairy products requirements from the store next door you might ask?

We, our children and our elders consume milk and other dairy products every day and therefore it is most imperative that we find out how safe it is to consume the milk that we procure. Perhaps, a couple of news article in the Economic Times ( and The Hindu ( will answer your question.

If you wish to be part of Your cow – Our farm initiative, simply own a cow, take an insurance policy for it in your name and leave your cow on our farm. We will take care of your cow and deliver your share of the milk to your house everyday as long as your cow is under our care.


Your Cow - Our Farm ( FAQs)

The owner of the cow will get 400 Litres of milk or its equivalent per year if the animal is a cross breed cow and 250 Litres or its equivalent if the animal is a pure native breed cow. The rest of the milk yield will go to the farm. The cow dung and cow urine will entirely belong to the farm. One out of every three calves will go to the cow owner and the rest will go to the farm.

No. You have to pay the insurance premium if you decide to obtain insurance cover for your cow.

Yes. Please find attached a couple of insurance policies taken on behalf of our customers.











Cow insurance – 1 Cow insurance – 2

As long as your cow is under our care and it is productive.

A cow’s price is determined largely by its age, breed and milk yielding capacity. A reasonably good and productive cross breed cow will cost you anywhere between Rupees 45,000/- to 60,000/- whereas a pure native breed cow will cost you between Rs 75,000/- to 90,000/-.

No, we don’t sell cows. You can get your cow from your own known circles. However, if you want us to help you find a cow, we will recommend a few brokers/middlemen to help you buy a good cow for yourself. The only condition is that the cow is in good health and yields adequate quantity of milk to offer a win-win solution to both the cow owner and farm owner.

We expect your cow to yield adequate milk consistently for this proposition to be viable. If your cow’s productivity goes down due to age or for whatever reason, you can either sell/gift it to a farmer or donate it to a Goshala or temple. Please remember, it is illegal to slaughter a cow in Tamilnadu and therefore gifting or donating it is the only way to part with your cow.

There are no hidden charges. This is your cow and fully owned by you. We will offer housing, fodder and normal veterinary care to ensure that your cow is in good health at all times. Sickness and accidents can happen to anybody and only during such unforeseen emergencies, you will have to pitch in and help us help your cow recover. The insurance cost has to be borne by you if you desire to have an insurance cover for your asset. If you wish to retain the calf beyond 10 months from its date of birth, you will have to pay for its upkeep and maintenance, the charges of which will be decided when the need arises.

Every living thing has to come to an end and that is the law of nature. When that occurs, you can claim compensation for the loss from the insurance company and we will give your cow a proper burial. However, the cost of these procedures will have to be borne by you.

Yes. You can buy your additional requirements by paying for it at the prevailing prices.

Yes, either my exchanging your milk allotment or by paying for the products.

We would love you to do that and as often as possible.

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Please contact +91 8939773300 and register with us. We will deliver fresh milk straight from our farm to doorstep.

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