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Many Indians like to own and take good care of a cow, which is believed to bring wealth and well-being to its owners. However, living in a city like Chennai prevents many people from owning a cow and deriving the material and spiritual benefits it offers.

Paalaar Urban Farms is pleased to offer the people of Chennai an opportunity to own a cow and get its milk delivered to their homes free of cost. All you need to do is buy a good and healthy milch cow, take an insurance policy, and entrust it to a professional team of Paalaar Urban Farms to take care of your cow on their farm.

For more details, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) segment.

You get 365 Litres of pure and unadulterated milk per year if you own a cross-breed cow and 180 Litres of milk if you own a cross-breed cow. We will deliver the milk to your home free of cost. You also get to own the calf that your cow gives.

A cow’s price is largely determined by its age, breed and milk-yielding capacity. A reasonably good and productive cow costs between Rupees 45,000/- to 60,000/-.

No, we don’t sell cows. You can get your cow from your known circles. However, if you want us to help you find a cow, we will recommend a few brokers/middlemen to help you buy a good cow for yourself. Also, some of our existing customer’s calves become available at regular intervals, and you can buy a young female calf from them too.

We expect your cow to be healthy and productive for this proposition to be economically viable. Suppose your cow’s productivity decreases due to age or for whatever reason; you can either sell/gift it to a farmer or donate it to a Goshala or temple. Please remember that it is illegal to slaughter a cow in Tamilnadu, so gifting or donating it is the only way to part with your cow.

We would love you to do that as often as possible.

There are no hidden charges. The complete ownership of your cow rests with you. We will offer housing, fodder, and routine veterinary care to ensure your cow is healthy. Sickness and accidents can happen to anybody. Only during such unforeseen emergencies may you have to pitch in and help us help your cow recover.

The insurance cost has to be borne by you if you wish to have insurance cover for your investment.

During the Pongal festival, you must offer new rope, bells, and other ornaments for your cow and a Maattu Pongal pooja expense of Rs 2000/-.

For further details, please get in touch with Ms. Sreelekha at 8939773314.

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