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Goat farming can be a profitable venture, especially in areas with a high demand for goat products. Goats require relatively low investment and maintenance costs compared to other livestock. Moreover, goats have a shorter gestation period and reach maturity earlier, allowing for quicker turnover and potential income generation. However, like any business, it requires some experience in goat rearing and an economically viable business plan.

With this in mind, many people are considering getting into goat rearing either as a commercial enterprise or as a source of additional income. The question uppermost on their minds is, where to start or how to get started.

To help people get into goat farming and gain goat-rearing experience with minimal investment, Paalaar Urban Farms has brought out the concept of Your goat – Our farm. Those interested in getting into goat farming can buy some goats and entrust them to our farm to start with. We will maintain your goats for a monthly fee. In the process, goat owners can get the platform to learn the techniques and challenges involved in goat farming.

For more details, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) segment.

The scheme allows a minimum of 10 goats and a maximum of 20 goats per person.

The maintenance charge for each goat is Rs 600/- per month.

The Rs 600/- maintenance charge covers housing, feed, and routine veterinary care for your goat.

It is recommended to purchase male goat kids between 3 to 4 months old, raise them until they are 8 or 9 months old, and then sell them. This helps you gain firsthand experience in goat farming dynamics, challenges, and profitability. Therefore, there are restrictions on the breed, age, and health of the goat kids you can choose.

The cost of a 3-month-old goat kid can vary between Rs 3,000/- to Rs 4,000/- depending on factors such as breed, weight, health, season, and demand.

Yes, you are free to source goat kids from any suitable supplier. However, the health of the goat kid will be assessed, and it will be accepted into the scheme only if it meets our health assessment criteria.

Yes, we assist in purchasing goat kids. However, there is a service charge of Rs 200/- per goat, and additional charges may apply for brokerage and transportation.

Yes, we offer assistance in finding buyers for your goats when you decide to sell them. There is a service charge of Rs 200/- per goat to facilitate the sale.

(i) The initial charge for the first 15 days is Rs 650/-. This includes tagging, deworming, PPR Vaccine, FMD Vaccine, and a 15-day quarantine period. Maintenance charges start after the quarantine period.

(ii) If a goat dies, the cost of disposal may need to be borne by you. However, if you opt for insurance coverage to receive compensation for the death of your goat, the cost of insurance will be your responsibility.

(iii) While you retain complete ownership of your goat, we provide housing, fodder, and routine veterinary care to ensure its health. In case of sickness or accidents, you may be asked to contribute and assist in the recovery of your goat during such unforeseen emergencies.

For further details, please get in touch with Mr. John at 8939773333

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