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DTCP Approved Micro-villas

DTCP Approved Micro-villas

Paalaar Urban Farms is glad to launch Paalaar Villa Homes, a micro-villa project for those wishing to own a small farmhouse with DTCP approval.

On the one hand, a combination of desire, drive, vision, and some luck is all it takes to own a Villa. On the other hand, a Villa also needs to fulfill five conditions to be genuinely considered a Villa. The five fundamentals are: –

  • An independent house insulated from the dust and noise of a city/town.
  • Set in a natural and serene setting, located close to a lake, ocean, or mountain.
  • Large and spacious plot.
  • Should have a private courtyard/garden/lawn and other open areas that solely and exclusively belong to the owner.
  • Designed to offer independence, peace, and privacy to its occupants.

Look at the pictures of one of our Villas getting constructed that fulfills all the five fundamentals needed for a Villa.

Paalaar Urban Farms is pleased to offer a similar Villa in a similar location in our Paalaar Villa Homes project. Paalaar Villa Homes is a DTCP-approved site located on the foothills of Nadumalai, off GST Road, and opposite Mahindra World City.

  • Independent fencing and gate.
  • 24*7 security.
  • Individual water connection.
  • Ten tree saplings with three years of free maintenance
  • The all-inclusive price is Rs. 1,425/- per SFT – DTCP Approval Number: -LP/DTCP 164/2022
  • Development work on the site has just commenced. Early birds get to choose the best plots.

Tamilnadu government’s proposal for Paalaar Valley and it’s surrounding areas:

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