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Tractor & Drone services

In farming, timing plays a pivotal role, contributing to approximately 60% of success. Whether operating on a small, medium or large scale, tasks such as ploughing, sowing, harvesting, and pest control activities must be executed at precise intervals. Failure to adhere to these critical timings can lead to significant losses, setbacks, and disappointments for farmers. Among the essential equipment, tractors and drones stand out as indispensable.

The tractor serves as a versatile workhorse on the farm, efficiently performing a wide array of tasks related to soil cultivation and maintenance. Its capabilities in soil-related farming activities are well-known, encompassing ploughing, planting, and other essential functions. However, in recent times, drones have emerged as powerful allies in farming operations. They excel in surveying crops from aerial vantage points, providing valuable insights into crop health, moisture levels, and pest infestations. Drones complement the tractor by offering a bird’s-eye view of the fields, facilitating timely interventions and optimized resource management. Additionally, agricultural drones have revolutionized pesticide and herbicide application, ensuring precise and efficient coverage of crops, including those in challenging terrain and tree canopies.

Given the critical importance of timing in farming, the availability of both tractors and drones on a farmhouse is imperative. At Paalaar Urban Farms, we prioritize equipping our customers with these indispensable tools, along with various other machinery, to support their agricultural endeavours and ensure fulfilment.

Important note: Please be advised that tractor services are exclusively reserved for our customers. However, drone services will be extended to other farmers only when our customers are not utilizing them.

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