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Farm near tindivanam

Ammu Farms is a perfect location for individuals interested in setting up various types of farms, such as dairy farms, goat farms, poultry farms, or integrated farms, as commercial enterprises. Additionally, it may also appeal to those who desire to own or develop a large farmhouse on a large plot.

The farm is spread over 100 acres and is situated behind the Integrated Court Complex in Tindivanam, approximately 2 kilometers away from GST Road. The property offers several favourable features such as an excellent water table, 30-feet wide pathways, and convenient access to the highway and Tindivanam town.

Top angle view of Ammu Farms as on Jun 2022


  • Private Pathways: The project offers 30 feet-wide private pathways, ensuring easy access and convenience for farm owners.
  • 24/7 Security: The community is equipped with round-the-clock security to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents.
  • In-house Farming Equipment: Paalaar Valley provides in-house farming equipment such as tractors, planters, seeders, ploughs, power weeders, and more, facilitating farming activities for farm owners.
  • Chennai-based IT professionals in farming: The involvement of Chennai-based IT professionals in farming within the gated community of Ammu Farms presents a unique opportunity for collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and resource pooling. This convergence of urban lifestyles and agricultural pursuits allows owners with diverse expertise to come together and contribute their skills and knowledge to the farming community.


  • Farm services: We provide well digging, installation of protective fencings, obtain electricity connection, transportation logistics, and farm machinery under a pay-and-use system. This means that farm owners can access these services as and when needed by paying a fee for their utilization.

  • Water sources: We own a few wells in Ammu Farms and water for farming and allied services is sourced from these well. Farm owners within the community can access this water source to fulfill their agricultural water requirements till they create their own dedicated water sources.

  • Farmhouse development services: If you are planning to set up a farmhouse in Ammu Farms and your main focus is on planting and developing tree saplings, Paalaar Urban Farms will provide comprehensive services to assist you throughout the entire process.

  • Livestock Maintenance services: We provide livestock maintenance services under a contractual maintenance system. Under this system, you have the ownership of the cows and goats, while Paalaar Urban Farms takes responsibility for their care and upkeep through a monthly maintenance contract. This arrangement can be beneficial for individuals who wish to own livestock but may not have the time, expertise, or resources to personally handle their maintenance. By entrusting the care of your cows and goats to Paalaar Urban Farms, you can ensure that your animals receive proper attention, nutrition, and healthcare.

  • Interest-free EMI Payment Options: Paalaar Urban Farms provides interest-free EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) payment options, making it easy for you to develop and own a beautiful farmhouse.


Ammu Farms is situated approximately 2 kilometers off the GST Road, behind the Integrated Court Complex of Tindivanam. This location places the farm community in close proximity to the GST Road, offering convenient access to transportation and connectivity.

Map coordinates to reach Ammu farms:


The per SFT rate is Rs 60/-. You can pay Rs 30/- per SFT during the registration of the property and the balance at Re 1/- per SFT for 30 months.

(E.g.: If you a 20,000 SFT plot, you have to pay 6.0 Lakhs as down payment and Rs 20,000/- as EMI for 30 months).

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