Paalaar Organic Foods

Paalaar Urban Farms has brought together about 40 landowners (residents of Chennai), created a collective farming model called Paalaar Organic Foods, established a bio-diverse farm on which organic food is grown, and delivers the freshly harvested organically grown food to the owners’ doorstep. Simply put, the owners grow their own food on their own farm and get it delivered fresh to their doorstep.

Food items grown on our bio-diverse farm include: –

1. Dairy products: Milk, Paneer, Butter & Ghee from native breed Kankrej cows.
2. Oils: Cold pressed groundnut oil and Gingelly oil.
3. Cereals: Ponni & Zeeraga Samba variety rice.
4. Vegetables: Tomatoes, Brinjal, Ladies finger, Bottle gourd, Ridge gourd, Snake gourd, Bitter gourd, Onions, Avarakkai, Kothavarnkai, Green chillies, Radish, Drumstick, Beetroot, Tapioca, Raw bananas, Banana flowers, Banana stem,
5. Greens:

Consumption is largely constant amongst human beings, but nature’s output fluctuates wildly – sometimes bountiful and sometimes miserly. This forces us to grow more than the projected consumption and therefore most often we find ourselves left with surplus. Since the last year, we have been dumping the surplus materials on the members of the collective. Many of the owners have suggested that we sell the surplus to those interested in consuming organic food and use the sales proceeds to bring in more mechanization and automation on the farm. Therefore, Paalaar Urban Farms has decided to offer the surplus farm produce to Non-owners and the salient features of our food products are: –

Farmhouse in ECR

Salient features of Paalaar Organic Foods:

1. We grow the product primarily for the owners, under the supervision of the owners, and sell only the surplus. Since the food is produced for self-consumption, the greed component, or the temptation to compromise with food safety is completely eliminated.
2. The cows on the farm are pure native breed Kankrej cows.
3. Transparency in operations – Members of the collective are kept in the information loop and are abreast of all the developments on the farm.
4. We deliver it right to the doorstep of the owners.

Please find below a list of products that we grow on our farms and this list keeps shrinking and expanding depending upon the season

  1. All our products are organically grown, and we have zero tolerance for the use of chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides on our farms.
  2. We grow the product primarily for owners and sell only the surplus. Therefore, items are subject to availability.
  3. We will be servicing your locality thrice a week only.
  4. Our sales will never be higher than our production. Patrons are welcome to carry out surprise visits to the farm and peruse the logbooks and verify the operations and processes.
  5. Milk will be delivered in 1 Litre glass bottle and the empty bottles are to be returned during the subsequent delivery. Glass bottles are not to be stored in the freezer.
  6. We don’t use preservatives in any of our products and therefore it is extremely important to shift our basket to your refrigerator as soon as the basket is delivered to your premises.
  7. Prices are subject to change but prior intimation will be provided to you. We are also coming out with an App which will help you find the latest price list, place orders, and track delivery vehicle.
  8. Each basket value should not be less than Rs 400/- for us to accept your order.
        • Vegetables like Tomatoes, Brinjal, Ladies finger, gourds & creepers, etc: Rs 60/- per Kg
        • Spinach and Greens: Rs 25/- per bundle.
        • Milk: Rs 110/- per 1 liter bottle.
        • Paneer: Rs 200/- per 200 grams.
        • Ghee: Rs 500/- per 250 Grams bottle.
        • Groundnut oil & Gingelly oil: Not available now.
        • Ponni rice: Rs 2000/- per 25 Kgs bag.

Your health is largely determined by the food you eat. Unfortunately, safe and healthy food has become prohibitively expensive in today’s environment. Unhealthy soil can’t produce healthy food and restoring soil health is a high-cost proposition that no farmer can afford. The only way out is for the consumer to grow his/her own food. If you think that self-grown food is more expensive than buying from a store, consider this: –

  1. The cows on the farm are pure native breed Kankrej cows and they yield only about 5 Litres of milk a day compared to Jersey/HF cross cows that yield double.
  2. We have a rigid No-compromise policy when it comes to natural farming practices.
  3. We use no preservatives.
  4. Transparency in operations – Our sales will never be higher than our production.
  5. We deliver it right to your doorstep.
  6. You can save money by consuming cheap chemical coated unhealthy food today only to spend those savings on healthcare tomorrow or you can spend a little more and consume chemical-free healthy food and stay healthy. Basically, comes down to – pay to the farmer or to the hospital.

Please revert with your address and google coordinates for us to process your orders further.


Paalaar Urban Farms Private Limited.