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Our health is largely determined by the food we eat and the air we breathe.

We at Paalaar Urban Farms have learnt four fundamental truths about organic farming: –

  1. Farming is tough and organic farming is tougher and also prohibitively expensive.
  2. Natural farming is safe for the environment and organic food is safe and healthy for the individual.
  3. There can be no organic food without biodiversity on a farm.
  4. Organic farming hates greed and impatience. Never try to force the plants/crops to deliver more than its natural potential. Never try to reduce the time between sowing and harvesting.

Conclusions from the above: –

  1. You pay for your health and environment either today or at a later date – You eventually have to pay.
  2. You can’t succeed in natural farming without cows, goats and poultry on the farm premises.
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It is a constant endeavour of Paalaar Urban Farms to offer to its customers/farm-owners safe and healthy food even if it costs more to produce and process. To facilitate natural farming, we have established biodiversity comprising of cows, buffaloes, goats, hens, ducks, turkeys and even horses on the farm premises. Some of our customers even own cows and goats under the “Your cow – Our farm” model and keep them on our/their farms. These animals produce not only milk for the owners but also manure for the farms. The availability of high-grade farmyard manure in-house facilitates natural farming most effectively and help us avoid reliance on chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides.

The primary aim of Paalaar Urban Farms is to produce organic food for the farm-owners self-consumption and the surplus output is made available to others. As we produce primarily for the farm-owners, all our farming operations, food production and packaging processes are transparent and open to scrutiny by the farm-owners which in turn ensure that there can be no compromises when it comes organic farming practices.

If you wish to eat the safest and healthiest food produced by rigidly following organic farming practices with a zero tolerance  for chemical-based fertilizers, pesticides and preservatives, please contact +91 8939 773300 and register with us. We will deliver your requirements straight from our farm to doorstep.

  1. A bit about milk from our farm.
  2. Cross breed cow’s milk: Rs 55/- per Litre.
  3. Buffalo milk: Rs 75/- per Litre.
  4. 100% native breed cow’s milk: Rs 100/- per Litre.

Many of our customers ask us why there is such a big difference in the price of a native breed cow’s milk and mixed breed cow’s milk. The answer is simple. Though both the breeds roughly require the same amount towards feed, maintenance and veterinary care, the milk yield of a native breed cow is just about 50% of a mixed breed cow’s yield. Therefore, it is needless to add that the price too will vary by the same ratio.

On our farm, our focus was on native breed cows and we therefore opted for the Kankrej breed since it was an ideal milch breed most suited to Chennai/Tamilnadu’s climatic conditions. However, we found that it was impossible for us to offer Kankrej breed cow’s milk for lesser than Rs 100/- per Litre. We still continue to supply native breed cow’s milk to our customers who are able to afford them. However, some of our customers find the pure native breed cow’s milk prohibitively expensive at Rs 100/- per Litre but at the same time don’t want to consume the factory processed milk and therefore requested us to supply unprocessed regular cow’s milk at a more affordable price. We have therefore decided to add unprocessed regular mixed breed cow’s milk to our product list at a more affordable price of Rs 55/- per Litre.

We recently added buffaloes to our farm to serve those who prefer thick, creamy and fatty milk. Our farm in Paalaar Valley has a waterbody inside it and is highly suited for Buffaloes as buffaloes prefer to spend a lot of their time in water to keep themselves cool. We are offering Buffalo’s milk at Rs 75/- per Litre.

Coming to the process:

  • We store and package the native breed cow milk, the cross breed cow milk and the buffalo milk separately.
  • We eliminate harmful and undesirable bacteria from the milk by heating it to 63.5 degrees and then chilling it to 6 degrees through a mechanical process.
  • Neither chemicals nor preservatives are added to increase the shelf life of the milk on our farm.
  • We also don’t standardize or tone the milk on our farm.

Our process is simple and straightforward: Milk it, heat it, chill it and deliver it. If you prefer milk that way, then Paalaar Urban Farms is probably your only choice. You can also get milk free of cost by owning a cow under our “Your cow – Our farm” model.

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