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We at Paalaar Urban Farms have learnt four fundamental truths about organic farming: –

1. Farming is tough and organic farming is tougher and prohibitively expensive.
2. Organic farming is safe for the environment and organic food is safe and healthy for the individual – You pay for your health and environment either today or at a later date.
3. There can be no organic food without biodiversity on a farm.
4. Organic farming abhors greed and impatience – It will neither deliver more nor sooner.

The outcome of this realization is that cows, goats and poultry form part of our farming operations and therefore, organic food is a natural outcome of our integrated farming systems and processes.


We have brought together many farmhouse plot owners and made them to own cows and goats and keep them on their farms. These animals produce not only milk for the owners but also manure for the farms. The availability of high-grade farmyard manure inhouse encourage us to put the intermediate spaces between tree saplings for organic farming and generate safe and healthy food for not only the owners but the surplus is made available for others too. Btw, an incidental benefit of farming in the intermediate spaces is that the tree saplings grow a bit faster and are found to be healthier.

It is a constant endeavour of Paalaar Urban Farms to offer to its customers safe and healthy food even if it costs more to produce and process. Our zero tolerance for the use of chemical-based fertilizers & pesticides in farming and absolute abhorrence for the deployment of chemical-based preservatives in the processing and storage of food makes the organic food offered by Paalaar Urban Farms the safest food for its customers.

The fact that we produce organic food primarily for the farm owner’s self-consumption holds us accountable to them. Therefore, all our farming operations and food production & packaging processes are transparent and open to scrutiny by the owners which in turn ensure that there can be no compromises when it comes organic farming practices.

If you wish to eat the safest and healthiest food produced by rigidly following organic farming practices with a zero tolerance for chemical-based preservatives, please contact +91 8939773314 and register with us. We will deliver the farm fresh produce to your doorstep.

Many of our customers ask us why there is such a big difference in the price of milk amongst the factory processed milk, standard (mixed breed) cow’s milk and native breed cow’s milk. We would request you to go through the cost tabulation given below that will help you understand the reasons for the variations in price. As you can see, there is no way anybody can supply pure native breed cow’s milk for less than Rs 100/- per Litre.

Some of our customers find the pure native breed cow’s milk prohibitively expensive at Rs 110/- per litre but at the same time don’t want to consume the factory processed milk and therefore requested us to supply unprocessed regular cow’s milk at a more affordable price. We have therefore decided to add unprocessed regular mixed breed cow’s milk to our product list at a more affordable price of Rs 60/- per litre.

Your health is largely determined by the food you eat. Unfortunately, safe and healthy food has become prohibitively expensive in today’s environment.

Unhealthy soil can’t produce healthy food and restoring soil health is a high-cost proposition that no farmer can afford. The only way out is for the consumer to grow his/her own food. If you think that self-grown food is more expensive than buying from a store, consider this: –

  1. We have a rigid No-compromise policy when it comes to natural farming practices.
  2. We use no preservatives.
  3. Transparency in operations – Our sales will never be higher than our production.
  4. We deliver it right to your doorstep.
  5. You can save money by consuming cheap chemical coated unhealthy food today only to spend those savings on healthcare tomorrow or you can spend a little more and consume chemical-free healthy food and stay healthy. Basically, comes down to – pay to the farmer or to the hospital.

About Paalaar

Since 2015, Paalaar Urban Farms has helped hundreds of people fulfill their dreams of getting into organic farming, owning a farmhouse & getting their organic food from their farms.

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