Majority of today’s urban dwellers are basically people who moved out from villages and agrarian driven towns to the cities in pursuit of greener pastures. After having been part of the stressful corporate sector, a lot of them want to go back to a more sedate and calm agrarian society without compromising on their present livelihoods. Out of these: –

1. Some want to be part of the agrarian society during weekends while being very much part of the corporate world in the weekdays and eventually retire to their farmhouse.

2. Some want to straight away move into the farming sector and eke out their livelihoods through farming, and

3. Some want to create an additional source of tax-free income.

We at Paalaar Urban Farms help people: –

>      Own farmland and develop it into a farmhouse.

>      Grow their own food by carrying out collective organic farming on their land and get the produce delivered to their homes.

>      Offer land and logistics on lease for emerging entrepreneurs in Agro-business.

>      Help young and emerging entrepreneurs carry out crowdsourced commercial dairy farming.

>      Help people from the corporate sector get into commercial goat farming without leaving their current jobs/occupations.

Meet Mr. Ramkumar, a resident of Velachery, Chennai. On weekdays he is an IT professional and on weekends he is a full-time organic farmer.

He not only farms but also sells his produce comprising of vegetables and greens to about 25 households in his apartment complex.

Let’s hear about his journey in his own words on his newly created YouTube channel. You can consult him by sending him a Whatsapp message and scheduling a call. Mr. Ramkumar can be reached at +91 9677086522.