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A Farmhouse near Chennai

Posted by admin on May 18, 2023

Is Farmhouse near Chennai possible for the middle-income group?

It is impossible to own a farmhouse in any large city like Chennai for the simple reason that the price of land per square feet runs into a few thousand rupees and a small farmhouse will require at least 10,000 square feet of land (Affordable Farmhouse).  However, a farmhouse near Chennai is possible, practical and feasible too if one knows how to go about owning it.

Let us now evaluate how we can go about owning a farmhouse near Chennai. Vandalur, Sholinganallur, Poonamallee and Redhills are the four boundaries of core Chennai city. Another 20 kilometers beyond each of these four locations is still considered as Chennai dotted as they are with apartment complexes, departmental stores, reasonable standard private healthcare facilities and educational institutions. We can call this outer ring as the outer boundaries of Chennai. The prices of farmland or real estate btw the core boundary and outer boundaries of Chennai will be considerably high and run into a couple of crores of rupees per acre. Only the super-rich or upper middle-class will be able to afford to own a farmhouse near Chennai in the truest terms. The upwardly mobile however have to look beyond the outer boundaries of Chennai to buy farmland and develop their dream farmhouse on it.


How to choose the location for an affordable farmhouse?

Having come to terms with the reality of land prices that prevail in urban and semi-urban areas, let us now look at the dynamics of distance that impact the price of farmland or agricultural land and figure out the best location for an affordable farmhouse. Btw, the words farmland and agricultural land can be used interchangeably as they mean one and the same thing insofar as a layperson is concerned.  Farmland pricing is largely determined by a combination of distance from the city, lateral distance from the national highway and lateral distance from the state highway or village roads. In addition to the accessibility dynamics, other factors like soil characteristics, human inhabitation, water availability, water inundation etc. play a secondary role in determining the price of farmland. The closer the property is to the city, the higher the price.

For prices to fall, one has to move away not only from the city but also from the national highways and the state highways. It would be pertinent to add that the cost of visits to the farmhouse will be higher with each additional kilometer that you travel from your city residence to your farmhouse.

To cover a distance of 20 kilometers by car, it will take about 15 minutes on a national highway, 25 minutes on a state highway and about 40 minutes on a village road. If your current residence is in core Chennai and you wish to develop or own a farmhouse near Chennai, you should ideally locate a property within 100 kilometers from your residence for your second home or weekend getaway. Ideally your farmhouse should be located: –

  • Within 100 kilometers from your residence.
  • Within 50 kilometers from the outer boundaries of Chennai.
  • Not more than 5 Kilometers away from a national highway.
  • Within 2 kilometers from a state highway.
  • 0 kilometers away from the village road.

By now you know the localities that you can consider for evaluation of farmland for your farmhouse development. After selecting the locality, you need to evaluate the soil that will be good for your requirements.

Farmhouse chennai

What are the things to look for in soil when choosing farmland?

Soil characteristics play a big role in how your trees and vegetable crops shape up. As a layperson, you can largely decide whether the nature of the soil is suitable for your farmhouse just by looking at it’s colour. If the colour of the soil is whitish, simply walk away from the site. it is not worth evaluation even if it is available for a throwaway price. If the soil colour is red, you can hug and thank the seller after you have concluded the sale (Never praise the product you intend to buy in front of the seller before concluding the sale). If the soil colour is either black or brown, you can go ahead and buy the land. In terms of evaluation of farmland for farming or a farmhouse, red soil is the best.

Another form of visual evaluation is by checking out the vegetation in the immediate vicinity of the plot you propose to acquire. See whether trees like coconut, palmyra, mango, jackfruit, Guava, Sappota and citrus etc are available in the immediate vicinity. If they aren’t there, find out whether their absence has anything to do with the soil condition. Remember, when evaluating farmland, what is not there is also as important as what is there – that will reveal a lot about the soil.

How important is water for farming?

Water will play a big role in how successful you are in growing trees and crops and having livestocks and pets on your farm. It would be pertinent to point out that, bringing in water into your farmhouse will be much easier and cheaper than pushing out surplus water from your farmland. During rainy seasons, it is natural to find water inundation for a couple of days which is acceptable but however, If the spot you choose is going to have stagnant water for a period of more than 7 days after incessant rains, then it is best that you avoid choosing that piece of land for your farmhouse. That type of land would be suitable for growing crops like paddy, sugarcane, bananas etc and will not be suitable for a farmhouse. Just remember that a little shortage of water can always be managed but a little surplus of water is a lot of headache for farmhouse owners.

Individual Farmhouse

How to ensure safety and security for a farmhouse?

A farmhouse near Chennai means that you and your family members will be visiting there often, spending a lot of time there and sometimes stay overnight too. Safety and security is paramount and therefore the location you choose to develop and build your farmhouse has to have people living in the nearby vicinity. Neighbourhood is critical where security of a farmhouse is concerned. Isolated locations have to be a strict no no. Semi isolated locations will be good and what we mean by semi-isolation is that the nearest neighbor should not be more than 500 meters away.

These are broad guidelines only and are designed to help people interested in having a farmhouse close to the city of their residence begin their hunt for a suitable farmland and go about becoming the proud owner of a farmhouse and enjoy the freedom that a farmhouse offers.

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