Most upper-middle-class and rich people invariably own a large farmhouse, generally about one or two hours drive away from their current residences in Chennai. From the eighties till recently, most of the salaried segment and aspiring middle-class people were content to own a flat in an apartment complex. However, of late, most of the salaried segment and aspiring middle-class people currently living out of multi-storied apartment complexes in Chennai have also realised the importance of owning a farmhouse. Unlike any other residential property, a farmhouse isn’t just a piece of land with a building and a few trees. A plot of land with trees, crops, gardens, ponds, cows, goats, sheep, hens, ducks, geese etc on it becomes our own private paradise on earth.

Why is owning a farmhouse so important today?

Life is a cycle. Seeking better prospects, a lot of people moved from villages to the cities and after spending a few decades of a sedentary lifestyle and eating fertilizers stuffed and pesticides coated food, have started realizing the impact of the sedentary lifestyle on their health. However, technology has made work-from-home and homeschooling possible which in turn has offered people to spend more detoxicating and quality time in their farmhouses and reclaim their health. Trends of the past couple of decades show that Chennai has expanded vastly in the last few decades and indications are that it will continue to expand, not as a city though but more as an urban village. 10 years from now, those living in city apartments today will make their farmhouses as their residences, grow their own food, generate their own energy needs through biogas and solar power and lead a better quality of life.

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How to go about owning a farming house?

There are three ways of owning a farmhouse. The easiest is by responding to ‘Farmhouse for sale’ advertisements and buying a fully developed farmhouse. This is prohibitively expensive and beyond the budgetary reach of most middle-class people. Another option is to opt for the ‘Farmland for sale’ advertisements. Many who opted for this have realised that buying a piece of farmland is the least challenging aspect of creating a farmhouse. Converting a piece of land into a farmhouse requires an investment of time, efforts and an immense amount of money. A minimum of 2 to four committed people is required 24 hours a day on the farm to take care of the trees, cows, goats, poultry etc. On top of that, the owners have to be personally involved in the upkeep and development through regular visits. Many professionals, businessmen and salaried people find it extremely difficult to supervise and manage the development of their farmhouse given the pressure and constraints on their time and give up on their dreams of owning a farmhouse after spending considerable time and money.

The third and most practical way of creating a farmhouse is neither through the ‘Farmhouse for sale’ option nor through the ‘Farmland for sale’ option but to buy farmland and entrust it to a professional company to develop and manage the farmhouse. In this case, one can’t suddenly decide to move out to the farmhouse one fine day. The foundation for a farmhouse has to be laid out today if you plan to make your farmhouse your second home 5 years from now or permanent residence 10 years from now. . Therefore we at Paalaar Urban Farms offer a complete package to those aspiring to own a farmhouse of their own and we don’t stop at just that. We take care of your cows, goats, sheep, poultry, trees, gardens and crops and ensure that owning a farmhouse becomes affordable.