Paalaar Sangamam Off ECR - Cheyyur

(Between Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry).

Farmhouse, Livestock, organic food, weekend farming, and retirement plan combined.
Location: Off ECR – Cheyyur (Between Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry)

As we travel on the scenic East Coast Road popularly known as ECR, many of us would have wondered how some folks got to own such beautiful farmhouses on large pieces of land. The fact is that 60% of the owners bought the land about 30 years back at a fraction of its current prices and then went about creating a farmhouse of their taste and choice at a sedate pace. Today they are the proud owners of a ‘Farmhouse in ECR’.  If you are wondering about the other 40%, well, the current owners bought it outright and made the previous owners richer . 

Is it still possible to go about owning a farmhouse in ECR or thereabouts within an affordable and reasonable budget? Well, Paalaar Sangamam off ECR does exactly that and a little more too.

Paalaar sangamam

You just buy a piece of land of your choice in Paalaar Sangamam and leave the rest to us. we will: -

  • Install fencing and a 10 feet wide gate on your plot.
  • Install an irrigation system inside the plot.
  • Plant tree saplings of your choice.
  • Provide 2 years free maintenance of your tree saplings and paid maintenance beyond 2 years.
  • Maintain your cows, goats, sheep and other livestock and pets on a paid basis.
Paalaar Urban farms

You also have the option of vastly reducing your maintenance cost by becoming a part of our collective farming initiative. Under collective farming, organically grown food items like milk, Ghee, Paneer, rice, pulses, vegetables and greens, and spinaches will be grown on the empty patches of your plot and the same will be delivered to you at your doorstep thrice a week.

For more information,
please call or Whatsapp +91 8939773322.

Farmhouse in ECR

To facilitate development, maintenance and farming, we will provide on-site:

  • Housing for livestock comprising of Cow sheds and Goat sheds,
  • Biogas plant.
  • Housing for the farm labour.
  • Food processing center.
  • Mini dairy unit comprising of bottle cleaner, bottle sterilizer, milk pasteurization machine, refrigeration system, butter extractor, paneer making machine, and power backup.
  • Farming instruments comprising of Tractor, Trailer, Planter, Seeder, Power weeders, and a Drone spraye

Looks attractive but how much is it going to cost me will be the uppermost question

  1. Rs 200/- per SFT.
  2. Pay 50% as a down payment at the time of registration.
  3. Pay the balance in 36 EMIs.
  4. Minimum plot size is 10,000 SFT.

At the end what you see is Farmhouse, Livestock, organic food, weekend farming, and retirement plan combined.

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For more information, please call or Whatsapp +91 8939773322.